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Holistic Bootcamp Ibiza provides a transformational programme emphasing on high intensity training & body conditioning to rapidly improve body composition, strength and endurance levels resulting in more toned physiques and feeling more energetic and ‘alive’.

Holistic Bootcamp Excercise
Daily circuit style strength and aerobic training will be your driving force, supported by meditation, yoga, Pilates, hiking and necessary deep tissue massages.
Non experienced exercisers will be guided through all workouts, with high intensity interval training protocols, advised by dedicated professional trainers. 
You will not only jump up around a lot, you will also be taken hiking amongst the lush hills & forests to connect with nature while keeping the body active and unwind the mind and enjoy some unforgetable views of the beautiful island of Ibiza.
Ibiza Sunrise Retreats aim to bring some of the island magic into the mix… from hiking in the hills taking in stunning scenery and great quality air to letting go of tension and mental noise during yoga sessions on one of hypnotic white beaches.
Become tranquilo - Ibicenco word, meaning ‘Finding Inner Peace in Harmony with Nature’

Detox Diet
The delicious, nutritious, vegetarian menu will be fresh, organic and locally grown to support all levels of psysical activity in the program.
The juices are designed to cleanse and rebalance your body . Overall the balanced diet is completely unprocessed, caffeine free, low in salt, sugar and grains and highly alkalising.
This simple and sustainable way of eating is helping you to recover, accelerate progress, change body sompositions, become more healthy and energetic and is also easy to continue once back in your daily routine.

* All London based participants are offered an optional follow up by a personal training
   programme back home, in a highly effective, no-nonsense
Ibiza Sunrise Retreats style.





per person
Private room
double bedroom
Room sharers
2 people/ room
Sunday 12 May - Thursday 16 May 2013

5 days

2400 €

1550 €

Monday 27 May - Monday 3 June 2013

7 days

3100 €

1950 €

Friday 28 June - Friday 5 July 2013

7 days

3100 €

1950 €

Retreat prices include: airport transfers and transportation during your stay, accommodation,
                          catering and participation in all exercise instruction and therapies.

- Return BA flights from London City Airport to Ibiza, can be added to your booking.
- Additional health and beauty treatments - can be booked prior, or during your stay
- Offer discounted signature and custom retreats to groups of 8+ people                

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